GEXNANO s.r.l.

Innovative start-up dedicated to the development of nano-biotech innovation for human health which is these days dynamic in the advanced molecular diagnostic industry.

I-VITAE is a cutting-edge start-up established in 2014 with the purpose of developing and marketing 4 exclusive patents in the reproductive medicine field.
D-Factory s.r.l.

It's an innovative startup, which works as a micro manufacturing incubator, working on the development of ideas and patented and not-patented products (eg. Skiddi), incubating the startup stages, organizing the supply chain and the acceleration through targeted marketing strategies mainly based on the crowdfunding as a preferred channel.


It 'a brand project born within the incubator, by a group of young entrepreneurs. Jeys deals with products and services designed for -millennial-, such as a line of shirts (total look in the future) and provides engagement / entertainment services such as the organization and realization of photographic services, video and DJ sets.

BeHub s.r.l.

Established in 2016, it’s an innovative startup that focuses on the design and development of a new range of vehicles for the urban mobility of the future. The first ongoing project is called MulettoBike, an e-bike concept that easily transforms from city to cargo-bike thanks to a patented system. It will be launched on the market in 2017 through a crowdfunding campaign.


CANTIERE SAVONA is an innovative start-up established by a group of young Sardinians with different experiences but united by the passion of sea, sailing and Sardinia.
A new generation keen on conceiving, planning, producing and spreading a cutting-edge yacht concept with strong typical island elements, whose mission is to plan, produce and market the idea of a motor yacht in the typical silence of a sailing ship. The vision is to become and remain a niche shipyard, serving as oneness, beauty and time for the attention to detail and immediate contact with clients who are only interested to build their jewels.
CANTIERE SAVONA started an equity crowfunding campaign on the website in which D-NAMIC participates as institutional investor.