The Fondazione Istituto Insubrico di Ricerca per la Vita (FIIRV) manages the 8th business & science park, and is incubator of Italian biotech companies. The Foundation is located in Gerenzano, in the municipality of Varese, and spreads over a total surface of 52,000 m2 of which 15,000 m2 are fully reserved to offices as well as chemistry, biology and micro-biology laboratories provided with cutting-edge technologies. The business & science park is surrounded by a stunning green area and can benefit from an absolutely strategic position. Fitted with flexible and state-of-the-art infrastructures, Insubrias BioPark offers all technical, logistic, IT, telecommunication, promotion, training, support and consultancy services which are necessary for fostering Life Research, Development and Technological Innovation, with the purpose of creating an effective relationship system between its partners and the territory.

We carry out multimedia productions for networks, interactive media, TV and satellite broadcasters.
Authors, creative artists, directors, graphic designers, web designers, technicians: our company employs all of the necessary communication operators to carry out multimedia products.
Our core business is the conception and the production of contents and platforms, such as web TV or video-centric platforms dedicated to specific companies or products. The implemented contents are of two kinds: publishing contents for entertainment and company-oriented contents.

Since 2001 BexB S.p.A. has been the leading Italian company in barter management, an activity that allows associated companies to purchase and sell goods and services by agreeing their remuneration according to a specific currency unit: the complementary currency EuroBexB, which is an instrument enabling to make purchases without using money but selling one’s own goods and services to new clients included in the network.

WYG WYG is the first worldwide platform dealing with crowdgiving according to a game-changing model, which does not employ donors’ own resources, and contributes to the fundraising for important solidarity-based and social projects.