Incubation and Acceleration
We provide creative day-dreamers, inventors, aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs with a free-of-charge listening space which can turn into a shared growth path and coaching in the development of their ideas and projects, by fostering specific incubation and acceleration programmes.
We are not scared to face and nurture ideas from their initial stage, whether in the form of simple ideas in one’s mind or a proof of concept or a company that has already started. To this end, for anyone who wants it, we also offer a physical co-working space in a 120 m2 environment for exclusive use.
Since 2011 we have systematically analysed in detail successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns in numerous applicative fields, by collecting quality & quantity data, by examining and studying this new economic systems, also thanks to the presence of important scientific publications in literature.
We offer an acceleration service that uses reward-based and equity crowdfunding as a competitive positioning channel of products and services on the market, as well as advanced marketing instruments.
One of our subsidiary companies in California is structured to plan, manage and launch crowdfunding campaigns on KickStarter.
Tecnhology Transfer and Enhancement
Alongside our partners we deal with the promotion and enhancement of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in any form, and fostering and nurturing technological innovation, also by using technological transfer models.
We arranged a multidisciplinary team to help define development, protection and enhancement strategies of intellectual property rights, also by using Open Innovation models.
We also carry out patentability, and provide consultancy and support services in the definition of licensing in/out strategies.
Open Innovation
Open Innovation (OI) is by now a worldwide consolidated discipline capable of effectively accelerating the development of technological innovation.
The web is rich of successful examples of companies using innovation strategies based on these patterns, also small and mid-sized companies. By applying this type of approach to innovation, one can create and measure competitive advantages and place new products, processes and services on the market with a time-to-market that is often lower than the one necessary for the development and positioning of technological innovations with standard approaches.
Thanks to a study carried out in the biotech industry, new OI operating models have been identified and tested which are capable of enhancing strategic alliances outside the corporate borders in order to offer state-of-the-art processes with “smart” approaches. These models give a boost to people’s creativity which bring innovative ideas and interact with companies, start-ups, research centres, universities, and in general inside the innovation ecosystem, in order to turn innovative ideas into new business scenarios, in a shared form and for a mutual benefit.
Over the years we have developed training models and criteria on business start-up, technological innovation and crowdfunding that we consider effective and high-performing.
D-namic plans, organises and provides training services in the areas of specialisation, particularly within the framework of start-up processes and business management.
Consultancy Services
We provide incubated and non-incubated companies with support services in the operating, economic and financial management of the company.
For several years we have dealt with facilitated financing, corporate finance, management control, as well as support in the accounting, tax and labour & employment law.